Weddings in Paradise, Koh Samui

Wedding-koh-samuiOnce you have decided to tie the knot on the tropical beach resort of Koh Samui, the next inevitable step is to think about planning the event. The sooner you start this, the better; because time is never enough to ensure that everything is just right on the most important day of your life. The distance of the wedding location from your hometown makes the process all the more difficult, but, as the saying goes, where there is will, there is way. Samui being a popular wedding destination, most resorts and hotels here offer weddings in thailand packages of varied ranges to suit all budgets.

Wedding packages are a blessing for those traveling from other countries to Koh Samui for their dream wedding. Depending on the money you are willing to spend, packages are available that even include island tours and spa treatments for the couple as well as guests. Hi-end resorts guarantee that the couple gets to enjoy the experience at koh samui private villas as much as their guests, without being burdened with the management of the whole show and getting hassled by last-minute snags. This is not possible when the wedding happens in your hometown, even if a wedding planner is present to take care of the entire arrangements.

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Wedding Koh Samui

Most Samui resorts and hotels offer traditional Thai-style wedding in which Thai Buddhist monks are present to guide the ceremony and bless the couple. For those who prefer Western weddings, Samui’s beaches are the best bet with crimson sky colored by the setting sun forming the backdrop. Wedding packages are also available that includes Thai-style wedding in the morning and Western wedding in the evening. Whichever package you choose from, you are guaranteed an unforgettable day to cherish forever.

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Here are a few pointers to look for in wedding packages to make the experience a memorable one for you and your guests. Airport pickup and drop are necessary to avoid unnecessary hassle of searching for the resort after long haul flights. Signing wedding ceremony certificate is necessary to legalize the union. Koh Samui wedding venues, wine to toast, bridal bouquet, corsage for groom, honeymoon suites, live music and reception with a sumptuous spread of dishes of your choice are the other items to seek out in the package deal. Candlelight BBQ dinners are the most popular among couples.

Thailand Beach Weddings

Many Samui resorts offer combo packages that include honeymoon stay as well. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Samui, this is a better option, as the total expenditure will come down and so does the effort to find a honeymoon suite. Check the best of Thailand weddings website right now!

In case of Thai-style wedding at temple, most packages include two-way transfer for bride and groom. Spa therapies and beauty treatment for the couple as well as guests are typically found in hi-end packages.

Thailand Weddings have on offer an excellent array of wedding packages to cater to the expectations of couples. Economical and easy to organize, weddings in Thailand will remain etched in the memory of couples as well as their guests.